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VELCO ventilator

Renovating the ventilation of an old building by the VELCO ventilator

  • A self-regulating, thermostat-controlled fresh air ventilator that adjusts air flow in relation to outdoor temperature.
  • Excellent filtration (F9).
  • Sound silencer included.
  • Reliable, easy to use.
  • Inspected by VTT.
  • Research reports are found from www.terveysilma.fi

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Renovation concepts . Replacing old ventilator.

- The ventilator has a self-regulating thermostat that controls a vent disc, regulating the gap between the disc and its seat to match the amount of air flow to outdoor temperature between -5 °C and +10 °C.

- Each fibre contains permanent, electrostatic charge that enhance particle capture effiency

- Open construction (fewer fibres) results low pressure drop and greater air flow.

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-- (image-3.jpg)Replacing old ventilator

  • Utilise the existing hole
  • Remove the old ventilator
  • Use cover plate on the old hole
  • Easy to install the ventilator and filter
  • Cheap solution

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-- (VTR100_suodatin_ritila_putki.jpg)New wall lead-in duct

  • In cases where there is no existing hole
  • Make a new hole in the wall
  • Choose the colour of the outer wall grate according to the wall
  • Use wind guard in windy places
  • Install the ventilator and filter into the lead-in duct.


On the wooden vent

  • Drill a hole in the upper side of the wooden vent
  • Install the ventilator
  • Install the filter cloth inside the vent

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